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President's Report

(From "Trappers Post")

By the time you get this the season will be close to an end, if not over.  I hope that you had a good year with a lot of enjoyment on the line.

As I write this the legislature is back in session and we are watching the two bills that were introduced last year concerning trapping.  I don't think either one has any traction to go anywhere, but we'll keep our eyes on them and keep looking for any other bills affect trapping.

We have the Palmetto Sportsman Classic (cancelled) coming up, March 27-29 in Columbia.  If you can help please contact Jim, Joe, or me and let us know.  We need the help and what ever time you can give us--from all weekend to one day to a few hours--will be greatly appreciated.

We are still trying to find a spot to have the convention this year so we can do a two day affair and we'll keep you updated on this.  If you know of a central location that meets our needs, please call.

Until next time - Ricky Williams

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Hello members,
I hope this report finds you all doing well. What crazy times we are living in now. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ll be glad when 2020 is over. With all the uncertainty that is going on with the coronavirus and the madness with the riots and protests it makes me just wanna crawl in a hole and hide somewhere till trapping season. And speaking of trapping and the fur sales there is also a lot of uncertainty there too. As I write this report it’s still anybody’s guess whether there will be a fur sale in August. I guess we’ll just have to play a waiting game and see how everything sorts out. We are going to go ahead and plan on having a convention in Little Mountain on October 24th and just play it by ear and see what happens between now and then, if anything changes we’ll let everyone know. Please mark that date on your calendar. There is some good news though, the two bills that were in the legislature that would have affectively stopped the live market for coyotes has been killed, The legislature has adjourned and both bills died in committee. This means that they will have to be re-introduced next year and go through the process starting all over. We’ve probably seen the last of them. If you’re reading this in the trappers post please check out our new website at Thanks to Richard Deuel, Aaron Rentz and Lindsay Jones for doing this. Please keep checking back here for updates and other news about the association. We’re going to be working toward some trapper workshops for the youth and other events to promote trapping and the SCTA around the state. Right now with every thing that’s going on we’re just taking it one day at a time. Until next time.

July 10, 2020

President's Report

(From "Trappers Post" July/August 2021)

          Everything has been quiet since the season ended.  I hope you had a good year on the line,  The bill we notified you about,, has been sent to the House of Representatives and referred to the committee there; it will not be acted on this session as this first part of the session has expired but will be picked up next.  Please keep checking the website for updates on this and other matters concerning trapping.

          We will be holding our annual convention in Little Mountain in October.  I'll post the actual day on the website later.  See the "State Convention" page.  Please make plans to come and bring the family. 

          This is an election year and it would be a good time to get some new blood in the association.  We can use some new ideas and energy to make the association bigger and better.  Please be thinking how you can help out and serve in these positions.  

Until next time - Ricky Williams


President's Report

(From "Trappers Post"  January/February 2022 Issue)

     Thanks to all who made it to our convention.  We had a great crowd and it was good to see so many old friends again.  We had a big group of vendors that had everything you would need for the upcoming season.

     Speaking of that, when you read this the season will be underway and I hope y'all are having a good one.  There will be some fur pickups that we'll announce later by posting them on the website or you can call Joe or me to get the time and places.  Don't forget we do have a fur buyer in Conway, Mark Schaffer at Rid-A-Critter (845-504-5501).

     The bill we talked about that's in the legislature will be picked up when they resume in January and we'll keep you posted on that as it progresses.

     Don't forget to take some photos on the line and send them to Richard so he can get them on the website. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and can spend time with the family and friends.

     Until next time - Ricky Williams


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