The purpose of this nonprofit educational and conservation organization shall be to promote landowners' rights; promote sound conservation legislation and administrative procedures; to save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of South Carolina; to promote sound environmental education programs; to promote a continued annual fur harvest using the best tools available for that purpose; and to promote freedom of choice for all Sportsmen.

SCTA is a trappers association. It is a resource for the many trappers organizations in North America and throughout the world. It will not dictate policy, propose specific laws, or in any way strive for leadership in the fur industry. It will assist in leadership education efforts if called upon.

Code of Ethics

1. Respect private property. Always ask permission before trapping on private property. Do not tamper with the property of others on public or private land.

2. Know selective and humane trapping systems, and use them appropriately.

3. Check traps according to current state regulations for the specific trap type, size, and set.

4. Be aware of others using the outdoors, and do not interfere with their activities.

5. Assist property owners with wildlife damage problems.

6. Avoid areas or sets likely to result in the capture of domestic animals.

7. Be a conservationist. Make an effort to not overharvest.

8. Promptly report wildlife problems such as disease, pollution, or habitat destruction.

9. Identify and record all trap locations accurately. Pick up all traps promptly when you finish trapping.

10. Utilize furbearer carcasses for human, domestic animal, or wildlife food whenever possible.

11. Dispose of unused carcasses properly.

12. Provide educational assistance to new trappers.

13. Support strict enforcement of laws relating to wildlife and wildlife habitat.

14. Respect the rights and feelings of others, even if you disagree with them.

15. Cooperate with wildlife management agencies.

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